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Taiwan Semiconductor offers a broad selection of discrete semiconductors ranging from small signal transistors, MOSFETs, switching diodes and rectifiers to high voltage rectifiers, automotive qualified discretes and MOSFETs, ESD protection devices and more.

Power Management

Taiwan Semiconductor offers standard analog components, Amplifiers, comparators, Voltage Regulators, LDOs, LED driver ICs, Voltage References and other analog functions. 


Industry standard, proven Hall Effect sensors are available which detects the presence and magnitude of a magnetic field. Additionally linear position sensing devices are available which provide an electrical output proportional to the position of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders to provide feedback to control systems.

Wide Bandgap

Offering a Silicon Carbide and GaN portfolio of rectifiers and switching devices for both low and high voltage applications. 


TSC 2023 Selection Guide 11th Edition
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