TSC 45th Anniversary

Taiwan Semiconductor vice president Amy Liu
TSC Sales Marketing Vice President Amy Liu

About TSC

1. Please use three words to describe TSC.

That would be our DNA ” Innovation, Professionalism, and Dedication”! Innovation refers to innovation in semiconductor technology; professionalism includes the technical expertise of our RD team and manufacturing, as well as the knowledge and skills of our operational teams such as HR and marketing and customer service and in the face of challenges and changes in work, TSC has the ability to use specific expertise and literacy in a certain field, cooperate across teams, and continue to serve customers, which is what we call dedication.

2. You've been with the company for a long time. Could you share your work experiences over these years?

I’ve been with the company for 26 years, and it’s been quite the journey. During this period, I experienced working in product control (PC) at the Tianjin factory, procurement, general affairs, business assistant, regional business manager, and ultimately responsible for global business. Over the years, I have learned many valuable experiences, not only the transition from internal work to external sales, but also from working alone to leading a team to achieve success with customers. Besides the team’s efforts, I am grateful for the trust and support given by the company, allowing everyone to move towards the goal without worries. I really enjoy this job because, besides the support from the company, there are challenges or applause from customers, and the sense of accomplishment is far greater than the tangible rewards.

3. During your tenure, what is a significant milestone for TSC?

Expanding the market from Taiwan to overseas. At that time, I traveled between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and the cultural differences between the two regions were very large. It happened to be the period when other major cities were taking off, so the pace of change was very fast. It was very difficult to adapt to a different environment, but I think this is also another skill in life. Benefiting from training and hustle time, I can now laugh off or deal with new trends and environments with ease.

4. What sets TSC apart from other organizations?

Taiwan Semiconductor’s outstanding advantages are quality, rich customer resources, and smart service. Our chairman once said that the quality of our products is priority, because only when the products are qualified can they be sold. Therefore, TSC put huge efforts on the solid and stable quality of its products. In addition, TSC has long been deeply involved in the automotive customer market, so its customer resources and focus are very extensive, covering applications with diverse requirements and multiple requirements. Finally, smart service, excellent supply chain management and cooperation. For example, in response to customer needs, TSC adjusts strategies or manufacturing lead-time to meet various needs of customers, which is a customized advantage among peers. Overall, if you learn from TSC’s customer feedback in the field, – it will say that TSC has outstanding quality and great service, making it a worthwhile long-term partner.

5. What is a fun, memorable moment you’ve had at TSC?

More than 20 years ago, when I was about to be dispatched to Hong Kong, the chairman personally made me aware of my safety when traveling in an unfamiliar environment. He was warm and reminded me to wear comfortable shoes to react faster and not to wear visible valuable accessories, to be low-key and avoid unnecessary trouble. When I arrived in Hong Kong, he continued to check in with me and care for my safety. However, at that time, Hong Kong and Shenzhen were already different from what I imagined. Walking on Shennan Avenue, I was the only one dressed that way afraid of being robbed. But all the locals dressed very stylishly, and confidently. I guess I was the only one that looked like a person who needed to be aware of others down the street. That is one of memorable moments at TSC.

6. On this noteworthy 45th anniversary, is there anything you would like to say to the employees or customers?

I would like to thank the company for the learning and support it has given us over the years, and of course, I would like to thank the teams we have cooperated with. With their trust, we can move forward without hesitation. I sincerely hope that the company will continue to evolve , and we can work together to create another 45 years.

About semiconductor market

1. Can you provide insights into the current dynamics of the semiconductor market and how TSC is strategically positioning itself to navigate industry changes? How is the company adapting to technological advancements and market trends in the semiconductor sector?

In the semiconductor market, the changes over the past decade have been very drastic, and cost competition has never stopped. Therefore, precise market positioning is our strategy. Instead of competing in the cost-competitive consumer product market, we invest our funds in the automotive and industrial markets, raising the quality and specifications. In addition, we focus more on strategic alliances and partnerthips with customers, which is not just a buyer-seller relationship, but a more solid cooperation.

2. What is the current landscape of the electric vehicle industry, and how is TSC actively involved or positioned within this sector? Are there specific technologies or partnerships TSC is leveraging to contribute to the advancement of electric vehicle technology?

Taiwan Semiconductor started to arrange packaging plants that comply with vehicle regulations from 2007 to 2018. Automotive qualifications are not only for transportation, but also a broad term that represents quality, more stringent reliability experiments, and even aerospace technology. Although we did not expect the automotive market to change so rapidly, TSC has long been prepared to respond to these changes. In terms of product portfolio, we have a very wide range to meet the needs of different products and applications from customers. Being a single supplier also reduces the procurement costs of customers. This is also one of the ways we mentioned earlier, which is flexible service. In addition, TSC has established deep cooperative relationships with many customers, and as customers grow and develop into the new electric vehicle industry, TSC naturally becomes a designated partner. BYD is a great example of this commitment to long term partnership.

3. In the era of AI, how has TSC incorporated artificial intelligence into its operations and products? Can you share specific examples of how AI technologies are being utilized to enhance efficiency, innovation, or competitiveness within the company?

In terms of operations, TSC applies AI to the internal operations of the factory to optimize our manpower allocation, reducing the manpower of a factory from 500 to 300, thereby optimizing our production capacity. The customer service team is also gradually introducing AI, providing more comprehensive services both before and after sales. In terms of products, whether it is ChatGPT or AI servers, the huge computing power and speed behind them requires high-standards and new power configurations. If electricity is used, they are our customers, and that is TSC’s opportunity.

4. Looking at international expansion, which regions are the primary focus for TSC's development in the future? Are there specific market considerations or strategic partnerships driving the company's approach to global growth?

The market will still be global, focusing on China, Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific markets. Next is the expansion to the Southeast Asian market, which is a region with advantages in the global manufacturing market. These economic entities have less potential conflict in the near future, and a complete supply chain has gradually formed. Another region is India, which, considering its massive population, may be the future automotive center, so the Indian market will be a significant region for our global layout.

5. What overarching vision does TSC have for the next 5 years, and how does the company plan to achieve its goals during this period? Are there particular milestones or strategic initiatives that TSC aims to accomplish in the coming years to propel its growth and success?

Looking forward to TSC expanding its market share in new application areas in the future, whether it’s 5G, automotive-to-everything, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, or new energy. Expanding the global service area, improving product differentiation, and expanding the product portfolio will allow TSC to provide two-thirds of the components in the customer’s BOM table.

About Amy Liu

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I am a very positive person who is also good at sharing my sense of humor. Happiness is an ability, and I have this ability, and most people can recognize this ability, but less people know I am a serious writer who loves to write. I am also a fan of wine tasting.

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