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Taiwan Semiconductor vice president Sam Wang
TSC Product Marketing Vice President Sam Wang

About TSC

1. Please use three words to describe TSC.

Dedication, Profession, Innovation.

2. What does the 45th anniversary mean to you?

It is a tremendous achievement for the company to reach the 45th anniversary milestone. It symbolizes the continued dedication of Taiwan Semi to serve our customers as best as possible, in the power semiconductor space. Throughout the years, we’ve had so many wonderful team members that have helped the company achieve the great foundation that we have now. It is a time for gratitude for all of those team members, our customers, our partners, and our suppliers, to allow Taiwan Semi to have this success and milestone today.

3. During your tenure, what is a significant milestone for TSC?

In 2022, we launched our first automotive-grade 40V split-gate MOSFET product. This involved multiple years of technology and product development, to ensure we brought to market a high quality and technically competitive product. We have received very positive feedback from our top-tier automotive customers across their applications, and expect continued strong success across other customers and segments. Additionally, we will also be expanding our Automotive-grade MOSFET products, and will be launching 60V, 80V, 100V products as well.

4. What sets TSC apart from other organizations?

TSC is highly focused on power semiconductors, particularly in automotive and industrial applications. We have early layouts in overseas markets such as Europe and America. Our customer service sets us apart; during the COVID period, we ensured uninterrupted supply by utilizing multiple logistics points globally. For example, if a port is congested, we would choose more expensive air freight without hesitation just to meet customer demands. This reliability and trustworthiness are highly valued by our customers. In terms of products, everything we develop meets automotive standards, and our product portfolio is extensive, providing customers with complete solutions.

5. What is a fun, memorable moment you’ve had at TSC?

In Taiwan, it is customary to have an annual year end party to thank all of employees, suppliers, and partners, and to celebrate the year. In addition to the good food, performances, and bonus drawings, we have also incorporated fun games as well. One year, we brought in a money booth where selected team members can go in for 30 seconds and grab as much cash as they can. The excitement was over the top!

6. On this noteworthy 45th anniversary, is there anything you would like to say to the employees or customers?

Thank you to all our team members for your dedication and passion for the company. It has been an interesting and sometimes challenging journey, to transform ourselves into.

About semiconductor market and company culture.

1. Could you elaborate on the strategic shift towards digital marketing at TSC? What market trends or opportunities influenced this decision, and how does TSC plan to leverage digital platforms to enhance its brand presence?

Across the industry, engagement with customers have been continuously shifting towards a digital mode – this includes design-in processes, as well as information retrieval and exchanges. We have an aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers and partners to work with Taiwan Semi. As an example, in our newly launched website, we’ve enhanced many functionalities and data, to make it easy to use and access information regarding our products.

Along with this, we would like to engage more closely with our customer and partners via digital marketing as well. There are many exciting initiatives going on at Taiwan Semi, including multiple new upcoming product launches and developing application know-how. We will be leveraging digital marketing to share this information in the most effective and efficient way with our eco-system.

2. Can you shed light on the recent organizational changes at TSC? What factors or goals drove these changes, and how do they align with the company's overall vision and strategy?

Our organization and team members are the most important elements of our company. They have helped build and execute the vision that we have established. In last few years, we have been very fortunate to recruit seasoned veterans across all disciplines, including R&D, Product Marketing, Sales, and Operations to join Taiwan Semi. They have all brought tremendous vision on how product development, customer engagement, and operational excellence. I very much believe that these visions, along with rigorous execution, will benefit the company strongly going forward.

3. In terms of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, what specific plans or initiatives has TSC implemented to contribute positively to the community and environment? How does the company measure the impact of its CSR activities?

ESG is a key focus for us at Taiwan Semi. To be able to clearly identify our carbon footprint and then setting goals on how to optimize it is a critical initiative for the company. We are in the process of doing this and have just published our first 2022 ESG report last year. 

For CSR, TSC has cultivated a long-standing relationship with the Yi-Lan community, fostering deep bonds. We proudly sponsor scholarships and local activities in the region, ensuring that our commitment to social responsibility remains steadfast and enduring. This dedication serves as a true tribute to our responsibility to society.

4. Looking ahead, what is TSC's vision for the next 5 years? How does the company plan to adapt to evolving market conditions and emerging industry trends? Are there any key milestones or goals that TSC aims to achieve during this period?

It is an exciting time to be in the power semiconductor industry, with many emerging and strengthening applications across EVs, ADAS, charging stations, AI server, etc. Our products will play a pivotal role in enabling of the products and infrastructures underlying these mega industry trends. For Taiwan Semi, we will continuously pay close attention to these industry trends, align our product portfolio to these trends, and to always support our customers as best as possible.

About Sam Wang

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

My favorite sport is swimming and I’ve been swimming ever since I was a kid. This year, I’ll by branching out and trying my first triathlon. Wish me luck!

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