TSC 45th Anniversary

Taiwan Semiconductor China Head Jodie Yi
TSC-China Director Jodie Yi

About TSC

1. Please use three words to describe TSC.

Unity, innovation, warmth. The company has come this far in 45 years thanks to everyone’s unity. We have been constantly striving for innovation in our products, and because of our solid relationships within the company, we have created an environment together as a big family where people are willing to work and grow together as one team.

2. During your tenure, what is a significant milestone for TSC?

This year marks my 14th year at TSC, and I am honored to be part of TSC, witnessing TSC’s rapid growth in performance and the diversification of its customer base. Particularly in the automotive customer segment, ranging from traditional automobiles to new energy vehicles in the past five years, and from Tier 1 automotive manufacturers to well-known domestic and international brand automotive customers. TSC’s performance in the automotive customer segment accounts for 52% of the market, far exceeding that of its peers.

3. What sets TSC apart from other organizations?

Among the many semiconductor and supply chain manufacturers, TSC’s advantage lies in its focus on product technological innovation, providing high-quality and efficient product solutions to meet diverse customer needs. At the same time, in a fiercely competitive market environment, TSC places great emphasis on partnership relationships, winning trust through integrity, professionalism, and service.

4. What is a fun, memorable moment you’ve had at TSC?

In the sales department, when developing business and securing customers, there are inevitably some minor setbacks. At that time, the VPs would give me some heartwarming encouragement, paying more attention to my personal condition because job and work are important, but health and life can’t be replaced. It was because of their encouragement and care that I also passed these traits on to my colleagues. This is a memorable company culture and one of the important reasons why we will stick together and work hard.

5. On this noteworthy 45th anniversary, is there anything you would like to say to the employees or customers?

“Many hands make light work.” I would like to say to my colleagues that while one person may walk fast, a group can surely go further. As we gather in the big family of TSC, I am willing and hope to work together with all my colleagues in China to create innovative achievements!

About semiconductor market

1. Why did TSC initially expand into the China market?

China’s economy was rapidly developing at the time, and with the improvement of living standards, there was an increasing demand for smart devices. Undoubtedly, China is one of the largest semiconductor markets, and this market is strategically important. Sensing this business opportunity, we entered the Chinese market.

2. Regarding the previous question, did the expansion process encounter any particularly memorable setbacks?

Developing new businesses with partners was relatively difficult. Because we had to understand the customer’s needs from the beginning, sometimes we had to travel back and forth until early morning. It was particularly hard work, but we made every effort to gain the customer’s trust. When we successfully won orders from customers, we would celebrate with our colleagues, which is a moment I will never forget.

3. What is the current status of the semiconductor market in China?

Challenges and opportunities coexist. With strong support from strategies, the scale and technological level of China’s semiconductor industry have been significantly improved. With the rapid development of emerging technologies such as 5G, the IOT, and AI, the semiconductor industry will usher in a broader market space.

4. In which specific areas of the semiconductor business is TSC deeply involved in China? Is it primarily focused on the electric vehicle sector as well?

TSC is involved in consumer, industrial control, and automotive fields. The electric vehicle sector is indeed very important and accounts for a high proportion of our business. In addition to this, the energy storage sector (both household and automotive) and 5G base station construction are also large markets. We will also gradually enter the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which has been very popular since last year.

5. What is TSC's vision in China for the next 5 years?

The requirements for product performance in future new energy vehicles will become higher and higher. We plan to expand our product portfolio and develop products that better meet customer needs. In the future, we also hope to follow the trend of AI and find more business opportunities.

About Jodie Yi

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I have an open mind and hope that everyone can be happy at work. When my colleagues are under pressure, I often chat with them to help them relieve stress.

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