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Taiwan Semiconductor Europe Head Ralf Welter
TSCE Director Ralf Welter

About TSC

1. Please use three words to describe TSC.

I definitely would say TSC and also TSCE is reliable, fast and smart, and being fast is very important. If you are a customer or designer and you would like to design a new PCB and you need to have samples on the board urgently to finish your project, which suppliers would you choose? I think a high percentage of people will pick the fastest one, like TSC/TSCE. We build up a sample stock here in Europe in order to make sure that we are fast to deliver samples to our customers if they are needed urgently. This not only applies to samples but also to our overall logistic model, providing a fast but smart service to include all the information our customers require. So three words. RELIABLE, we can see it on our products and services. FAST and supportive, and the combinations of which equal SMART. That’s how we represent TSC & TSCE.

2. What does the 45th anniversary mean to you?

I am proud to be part of a company which has been established in the market for such a long time. I am with TSC since 2005, although the business had been trading well before me joining. I am very happy to see the evolvement of the company over the past 19 years.

3. During your tenure, what is a significant milestone for TSC?

In 2005 we were a company with a strong focus on consumer applications supplying mainly Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers. In the meantime, we have enlarged our product portfolio, also supplying MOSFETs, Small Signal Devices, Analog ICs and Hall Sensors. This allows us to access different markets like Automotive, Industrial, Lighting and Telecommunication, enlarging our customer base and continuously growing the company.

4. What sets TSC apart from other organizations?

Service and Flexibility is key, and many factors bolster it, like product reliability to be precise. However, today, some companies excel in areas where we can’t compete. Others match our quality or offer lower prices. Ultimately, it’s about the total cost of ownership from the customer’s perspective. Combining all these aspects, and if you consider each single segment or each single pillar and combine it into one entry result, TSC is really seen as a top supplier. This is something we have confirmed several times by receiving customer recognition for very good quality or general supplier ratings, but also awards which we have received many times in the past.

5. On this noteworthy 45th anniversary, is there anything you would like to say to the employees or customers?

I am happy but also proud to be a member of the TSC-family. Since I joined our company, many things have changed – internally but also externally. It requires a positive attitude to face upcoming challenges and to adopt to the new market trends and situations the world is facing. I have always been acting on the following principle: It´s not the big ones that eat the small ones, but the fast ones that eat the slow ones. If we continue to be flexible but also reliable, fast and supportive, we will remain a strategic partner for our customers in the future.

About semiconductor market

1. Why did TSC initially expand into the European market?

TSCE was founded on 1st February 2002 by Ladislav Sloup. Although we were already successful in the market for more than 20 years at that time, TSC´s focus was still mainly on consumer applications. To enlarge the business, we had to approach new customers with different applications. In 2002, Europe´s key segments were still Telecom, Lighting, Industrial and Automotive. So Arthur Wang decided to open our European Office here in Zorneding a location close to Munich with excellent road and rail links to the city and beyond. The European region (TSCE), Including design-in activities contributes with over 30% to the global TSC business.

2. Regarding the previous question, did the expansion process encounter any particularly memorable setbacks?

Yes, absolutely. Coming from segments with different quality requirements (e. g. Consumer vs. Automotive applications) was a real challenge. At the beginning it was tough to follow expectations like long life and zero-defects. But around 10 years ago we fully adapted to the prerequisites of the different markets and were able to establish TSC as one of the preferred sources for our main industry sectors in Europe.

3. In which specific areas of the semiconductor business is TSC deeply involved in Europe? Is it primarily focused on the electric vehicle sector as well?

TSC is actively engaged in various areas of the semiconductor business within Europe, primarily in the field of discrete power semiconductors within the automotive and industrial market segments. While we do have a significant presence in the electric vehicle (EV) sector in applications like DC/DC converters and OBCs (on-board chargers), our product portfolio extends beyond electrification within automotive. Launching our PerFET® technology in 2022 helped our automotive customers to find a great solution for many of their new designs related to motor controls and DC/DC converting. It also helped us to become one of the key players in Low-Voltage-MOSFETs in Automotive.

4. What is TSC's vision in Europe for the next 5 years?

When starting in 2002, Ladislav Sloup began as one man. Today our multicultural team (= 12 different nationalities) exists out of 30 employees, while 20+ are directly dedicated to sales or customer service related functions. My goal is to grow the business in Europe by 100% within 5 years, achieving this target with a constantly growing, responsive and motivated team. Offering a high satisfaction and service level for our customers is our key target to our continued success.

About Ralf Welter

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I grew up with dogs and have a deep affection for animals in general, but in particularly dogs and cats. While I’d love to have a dog, the commitment of regular walks makes it challenging. However, cats are more self-sufficient and independent! Apart from animals, I enjoy playing football regularly and even participate in charity matches for FC Sternstunden, raising funds for many worthwhile causes across our region.

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