TSC 45th Anniversary

Taiwan Semiconductor senior vice president KS Foo
TSC Sales Marketing Senior Vice President KS Foo

Dear valued customers, partners, and colleagues,

Today marks a significant milestone in the history of our company – 45 years of unwavering commitment, innovation, and shared success.

Our company’s story began with a vision, a handful of dedicated individuals, and a determination to make a lasting impact in the world of the electronics industry. From the founders who laid the groundwork to the current team shaping our future, and every employee in between, your dedication has been the driving force behind our success.

To everyone who has been a part of our journey – employees, partners, and clients, thank you for your dedication, trust, and shared commitment. Here’s to 45 years of achievements, memories, and the exciting chapters yet to unfold. May our company continue to thrive and make a lasting impact for decades to come.

Cheers to 45 years of excellence!

About TSC

1. Please use three words to describe TSC.

Total Quality Management, Successfully Meet Customer Requirements and Continuous Improvement.

2. What does the 45th anniversary mean to you?

TSC is moving towards globalization by not only enhancing our current discrete products but also developing Power management, Sensor and Wide Bandgap products to serve the latest application requirements. Without the support from our valuable customers and talented employees, this milestone would not be achievable.

About semiconductor market

1. Can you provide insights into the current dynamics of the semiconductor market and how TSC is strategically positioning itself to navigate industry changes? How is the company adapting to technological advancements and market trends in the semiconductor sector?

The Worldwide markets demand trends is completely difference compared to decades ago with volatile changes. Our strategies beside quantifying the capacity support as well as developing new products addressing the needs from new applications.

2. What is the current landscape of the electric vehicle industry, and how is TSC actively involved or positioned within this sector? Are there specific technologies or partnerships TSC is leveraging to contribute to the advancement of electric vehicle technology?

Rising Demand for Electric Vehicles with market size expected at a CAGR of 26.8%. TSC continues to participate in the area which we are strong with the Discrete product and also developing not only wafer technologies as well as innovation in packaging.

3. In the era of AI, how has TSC incorporated artificial intelligence into its operations and products? Can you share specific examples of how AI technologies are being utilized to enhance efficiency, innovation, or competitiveness within the company?

Moving into the era of AI, TSC has incorporated in our operations starting the confirmation of orders, automating the sales analysis to improve efficiency.

4. Looking at international expansion, which regions are the primary focus for TSC's development in the future? Are there specific market considerations or strategic partnerships driving the company's approach to global growth?

TSC current participation is healthy in all regions in terms of revenue positioning. Asia will be continued to see strong growth which we will focus on Japan, Korea. India and Soth Aisa for growth. Besides the current partnerships we have with Global Distributions, we are engaging region local distributions as our strategic partner.

5. What overarching vision does TSC have for the next 5 years, and how does the company plan to achieve its goals during this period? Are there particular milestones or strategic initiatives that TSC aims to accomplish in the coming years to propel its growth and success?

Our vision is to be USD450M in 2028 with the new product inventions to serve the fast-growing application/segments. Strengthen our 1st socket designs to participate in initial.

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